AGS Archives is shutting down, if you've relied on your game being hosted on AGSA it is important that you download your games and find another place to host them!

I will no longer update the database with new games effective immediately and the service will go offline at the end of the year or when the current library is fully available on archive.org, whichever comes first.


The AGS engine was written by Chris Jones and is a FREE game engine generally for making Adventure Games. Though as many users in the AGS community has proven, it can be used for much more than Adventure Games!

Which version of Windows are you running?

Windows Vista, Windows 7
Great! Just download the latest AGS engine from the link below and you're ready to go.

Windows XP, Windows 2000
Just to let you know, you need the .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) installed in order to run the AGS Editor. You might already have it -- the AGS installer will tell you if you need to download it. But don't worry, people don't need the .NET Framework to play games that you create with the AGS engine.

Windows 98, 95, ME
Sorry, but the AGS engine no longer runs on these versions of Windows.
Upgrade to XP.... No wait! Just go through the list of builds on the right to find the version for you!


AGS 3.2.1 (7.96M)

Older builds