ID Name Website
agsId:6 Calsoon
agsId:7 Tulle's World I, Roving in Candale N/A
agsId:8 Rob Blanc I - Better Days of a Defender of the Universe
agsId:9 Rob Blanc II - Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence
agsId:10 Rob Blanc III - The Temporal Terrorists
agsId:11 6 Day Assassin
agsId:15 The Crown Of Gold N/A
agsId:16 Space
agsId:18 Murder
agsId:24 Little Jonny Evil N/A
agsId:25 The Park
agsId:28 Bluecup on the Run N/A
agsId:30 The Book of Spells
agsId:33 Larry Vales : Traffic Division
agsId:34 Larry Vales II: Dead Girls are Easy
agsId:35 Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
agsId:36 King's Quest I VGA
agsId:37 Night of the Hermit
agsId:38 Quest for Glory 4 1/2
agsId:39 The Glorious Realm of Thendor
agsId:40 The New Adventures of Zak McKracken N/A
agsId:41 Rode Kill: A Day in the Life
agsId:42 The Journey Home: Part 1
agsId:43 Gaea Fallen
agsId:45 Wet
agsId:46 Jingle Bells [MAGS]
agsId:47 Night Of The Plumber
agsId:48 Sam the Pirate Monkey
agsId:49 Who killed Kenny Rogers? N/A
agsId:50 Ernie's Big Adventure N/A
agsId:51 Bert - The Newsreader
agsId:52 Granny Zombiekiller in Mittens Murder Mystery N/A
agsId:53 Monkey Plank
agsId:56 Perpetrator v1.1 N/A
agsId:57 Little Willie's Shotgun Fun Zone!
agsId:58 The Quest for my Raincoat (aka DickBoy) N/A
agsId:59 Snail Quest 1
agsId:60 Snail Quest 2
agsId:61 Snail Quest 3
agsId:62 Raymond's Keys: A Tragedy N/A
agsId:63 WaitKey(); v1.0
agsId:64 Captain Muchly Drinks Bleach
agsId:65 Porn Quest N/A
agsId:66 Moose Wars: Desire For More Cows 1.5 N/A
agsId:67 Anton Ulvfot's Superdisk
agsId:68 A Christmas Tale DEMO
agsId:69 Oldman's Quest
agsId:71 Lassi Quest 2 Teaser Demo
agsId:72 Abstract N/A
agsId:73 'Adventure Game' demo
agsId:74 Max: The Dark Hero N/A
agsId:75 BlueGui v2.5 (updated 10-27-02)
agsId:76 Simpsons Adventure Game N/A
agsId:78 El Burro N/A
agsId:79 Firewall Demo
agsId:80 Ernie's Big Adventure II N/A
agsId:82 AGS Background Editor v1.4
agsId:83 Lupo Inutile
agsId:84 RON: Reality-on-the-Norm
agsId:85 P.D.
agsId:86 TV Quest N/A
agsId:87 AGS Black Jack
agsId:88 Pizza Quest
agsId:89 Little Willy's darts game
agsId:90 Teamwork Tutorial N/A
agsId:92 Calsoon 2
agsId:93 Grandfather's Treasure N/A
agsId:94 Stickmen
agsId:95 Ultimerr
agsId:96 Bob's Quest II N/A
agsId:97 Exile
agsId:99 Demonslayer 1
agsId:100 Demonslayer 2
agsId:104 Mid-Town Shoot-Out
agsId:105 Nicholas Wolfe Part I: Framed - Demo
agsId:106 Mr. Grey's Greyt Adventure N/A
agsId:111 The Next Curse
agsId:112 Men In Brown N/A
agsId:113 Doc.Death in Rock Burgers & Tree Houses
agsId:114 Demonslayer 3 N/A
agsId:115 The Trials of Odysseus Kent
agsId:116 The Search - As finished as it will ever be -edition
agsId:117 The Digital Spell
agsId:118 AAaaah!! La porte noire
agsId:119 Indy y la Abadia de Effel
agsId:120 Norman Cooks in 'Search for the Don' N/A
agsId:123 Larrywilco: Paradise Lost
agsId:124 Star Trek The Next Generation N/A
agsId:125 Star Trek Explorer - Strange New World N/A
agsId:126 Satan Quest N/A
agsId:128 Chez Apa N/A
agsId:130 Soldier of Misforune N/A
agsId:131 The Second Moon Adventure Part One: Night
agsId:133 Aaron's Epic Journey N/A
agsId:134 Aliens Inc. (demo) N/A
agsId:135 Compensation N/A
agsId:137 EBI - Elimination by Improvisation (fixed version) N/A
agsId:138 Lazarus Wants Pants N/A
agsId:139 Quikstrike89\'s Stupid Test Game N/A
agsId:140 Mourir en Mer N/A
agsId:1779 Warrior of Might N/A
agsId:1780 Reality-on-the-Norm: Davy Jones C'est Mort N/A
agsId:1781 Andy Penis's Big Adventure N/A
agsId:1782 James Bondage N/A
agsId:1783 Eyes of the Jade Sphinx N/A
agsId:1784 Dirk Chafberg N/A