ID Name Website
agsId:1514 2 Dennis, 1 Bug [MAGS] N/A
agsId:1533 [Into the series] OceanSpirit Dennis N/A
agsId:1480 [Into the series] PMQ Legends N/A
agsId:1298 [Into the series] PMQ Spin-offs
agsId:1560 [Into the series] Portable Knights: PMQ
agsId:1571 [Into the series] Pub Master Quest 3
agsId:1635 [Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B2
agsId:1661 [Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B3 N/A
agsId:1449 [Into the series]Carrot Adventures PMQ
agsId:677 A.L.I. N/A
agsId:830 Access (Demo)
agsId:850 Access - Demo 2
agsId:1526 AGS Quit Game Dialog: The Game N/A
agsId:31 AGSFunk N/A
agsId:1558 Akdamar
agsId:134 Aliens Inc. (demo) N/A
agsId:1226 All the magical things N/A
agsId:1479 An Egypt Adventure N/A
agsId:768 Are We There Yet? 2 N/A
agsId:780 Bang Bang You're Dead N/A
agsId:1568 bird N/A
agsId:1180 Block PAD N/A
agsId:1573 Coming together N/A
agsId:1401 Connect 4 -
agsId:1530 Connect 4 v.2.1 N/A
agsId:1273 CosmoKid (DEMO)
agsId:1277 CosmoKid 0.9
agsId:391 Crap Quest
agsId:372 Crazy Mansion / Maniac Mansion 3 N/A
agsId:731 D.Jones: Deceased N/A
agsId:746 Dan Finds His Beard N/A
agsId:789 Day of School N/A
agsId:32 Deluxe Paint 2 N/A
agsId:149 Desktop Adventures: The 11 Minute Game
agsId:636 Domestic Conspiracy Demo
agsId:784 El Ammo & the Flying Dutchman\'s Mine N/A
agsId:458 Everlot-Demo N/A
agsId:1214 final fantasy XV fanmade
agsId:754 Fractal Creator
agsId:799 FSi's SymDefecation
agsId:803 FSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad!
agsId:1417 Gear Bladeā„¢.DX N/A
agsId:196 Gerald Ratcliff I N/A
agsId:173 Gil: The Trillion Dollar Journey DEMO
agsId:631 Goose Quest 1 DEMO N/A
agsId:936 Happy Birthday, Zemp N/A
agsId:211 Harrys Strange Day
agsId:618 Horror Hospital Incomplete Demo N/A
agsId:1612 Horse Park Fantasy
agsId:865 Hotel Hell
agsId:773 I Need A Wee! N/A
agsId:119 Indy y la Abadia de Effel
agsId:798 Kill Davy Jones (demo)
agsId:339 Kill Rem vol. 1(fixed bugs) http://fire.prohosting/micadv
agsId:762 Kiselyova Unleashed!
agsId:1297 Klaus Kerner and the Fate of Atlantis N/A
agsId:770 KoffeeKrisis - Episode I - Demo
agsId:640 Legend of Rovendale 2 Mystic Island N/A
agsId:769 Lorry Len N/A
agsId:473 Lost In The Nightmare - Demo
agsId:1690 Marshmallows Of Everalasting Realms N/A
agsId:1174 Matt and James Amazing Game For Everyone N/A
agsId:787 MAYAK: lost way game N/A
agsId:483 Meaning Quest DEMO N/A
agsId:1122 Medieval Prisoner N/A
agsId:152 Mimis the rat N/A
agsId:911 Mittens Mystery Extravaganza
agsId:1088 Music Tools
agsId:937 My 40 bullets (v1.1) N/A
agsId:1699 Mythical Gambit Tales of the OceanSpirit[Demo] N/A
agsId:1233 neku's new trip (chap1)
agsId:1536 New frontier N/A
agsId:438 Nightmare Demo
agsId:1049 Oh no not again! N/A
agsId:69 Oldman's Quest
agsId:1502 OSD LAST BOSS Dennis Returns 1.5 HD ReMIX
agsId:1534 Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos [DEMO]
agsId:44 Paint Shop Pro N/A
agsId:176 [email protected]! N/A
agsId:1464 Pub master quest Legends v3.0
agsId:1586 QN2 [Demo]
agsId:139 Quikstrike89\'s Stupid Test Game N/A
agsId:875 Revenge of a guy derogatorily referred to as the n-word! N/A
agsId:215 Ringo\'s Big Adventure N/A
agsId:1736 Robot Psychiatrist N/A
agsId:254 Roger's Lame Adventure N/A
agsId:918 rough diamond demo (working link) N/A
agsId:1538 Run bitch Run! 1.03
agsId:303 Sam&Moos and the treasure of grandpa
agsId:1553 Scum Pub N/A
agsId:1499 Secret Santa Generator N/A
agsId:202 Shooting Gallery
agsId:76 Simpsons Adventure Game N/A
agsId:1760 Sims Hogwarts N/A
agsId:814 SkyTower Rescue Demo
agsId:793 SL vs AUS O7 N/A
agsId:864 Sleight of Hand - Demo
agsId:174 Slime Quest 2 Demo N/A
agsId:954 Smile or Die Nonplayable Demo N/A
agsId:130 Soldier of Misforune N/A
agsId:170 Soldier: Demonstartion N/A
agsId:307 Space Madness
agsId:772 Stickman RPG
agsId:928 Supernatural: The Terror Trio N/A
agsId:929 Supernatural: The Terror Trio Demo N/A
agsId:1486 Sweet Nightmare N/A
agsId:274 T.I.T N/A
agsId:743 Tales of Chickenry Chapter I
agsId:766 Teh EvuL CliCk GaMe N/A
agsId:861 Tempus Fugit N/A
agsId:938 The 24 Hour Game N/A
agsId:968 The Agency: Part one The Conspiracy N/A
agsId:392 The Alien and the Hick
agsId:235 The Case (Demo)
agsId:671 The Chronicles of the Shoe: Part 1 DEMO (V1.3) N/A
agsId:1537 The Endless Night
agsId:389 The Holocaust Museum
agsId:474 The Legacy of Taft Demo N/A
agsId:146 the lord of the bytes
agsId:1815 The New Familiar N/A
agsId:604 The Oracle (Demo) N/A
agsId:1683 The Pubicle
agsId:58 The Quest for my Raincoat (aka DickBoy) N/A
agsId:256 The Strange Day
agsId:920 Time-Space Escape
agsId:416 Totaskalan N/A
agsId:503 Troopers Tech Beta
agsId:833 Update Quest
agsId:1779 Warrior of Might N/A
agsId:910 Who Killed Who?
agsId:893 William in the USA N/A
agsId:792 Would You Be My Lover ? Demo N/A
agsId:808 Zelda Dance Remix N/A
agsId:812 Zelda Dance Remix II N/A